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Counseling and Therapy

Domestic Violence Victims

Our counseling services will first assist you  in developing  a safety plan.  Your counselor will help you look at the risks you may be facing now in your relationship, or as you are changing or leaving the relationship.  The two of you will then work on strategies to lower the risks of violence you are facing.  

Your counselor can help you sort out your feelings and thoughts about yourself, your family, and your hopes for the future.  Our counselors have worked with many women who have been in situations similar to yours, but we also know that every situation is different.  

We can help you identify and access resources, including other Refuge House services that might be helpful to you.   We can help you with approaches to housing, employment, and law enforcement issues that may seem overwhelming or scary to you right now.  Our goal is that you can able to free from violence and with options.  

Sexual Violence Victims

Our counseling is designed to assist survivors in restoring stability to your life in the aftermath of a sexual attack or sexual exploitation.  Our counselor may first meet with you at the hospital after you are assaulted, to offer support, medical advocacy, and assistance through the forensic “rape kit” exam, if you choose to have one.  

We can support you in receiving good medical follow-up, and help with  understanding the legal process that may follow a sexual assault.  We can help you with transportation and with shelter if you don’t feel safe at home.  Our counselor will be your ally with court officials, law enforcement officials, judges, and attorneys—you don’t have to go it alone.  

We are there to listen to the feelings, fears, and anger you may feel—and to listen if you can’t feel anything at all.   Our goal is that you can feel safe to express what you feel, and get what you need to feel treasured and powerful in your life.

Therapy is often a great comfort for survivors seeking long term healing and a positive sense of meaning in their lives.  Refuge House offers therapy services entirely free of charge.  We welcome you to explore your world in a safe and accepting relationship with a therapist who cares. 

Support Groups

In addition to providing counseling on site, our domestic and sexual outreach counselors host groups at several locations within the community.  Current support group locations include incarceration settings, substance abuse recovery programs, community health centers, and low income housing sites.  

If you are currently participating in a program within another agency, ask your counselor or case manager if Refuge House is holding a group at the program site.  If so, please join us and if you would like to get a group started, please let us know.