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Warning Signs

You may have heard about people being badly hurt physically and even killed by abusers.  We don’t want you or your children to be one of them.  We’d like you to call us if you are going through ANYTHING on our list of behaviors that are domestic violence, so we can help with support and a safety plan.  

There are some warning signs, though, that are especially important for you to be aware of.  That’s because these signs often mean that the violence may be getting worse.  You may be in more danger of very bad injury or even death, than before.  

These signs are:

1.  You are leaving or have left the relationship.  This can be the most risky time for you and your children.  Your partner thinks he is losing control of you, and wants that control back.

2.  Your partner chokes or tries to strangle you.

3.  Your partner threatens to kill you, especially with a gun or other weapon.

4.  Your partner is more and more controlling of your actions and expresses jealous rage.

5.   Your partner has forced you to have sex.

Please call us if you are leaving the relationship or if your partner has done anything on this list.  We can help.