The Refuge House

Dawn of Hope Family Center Capital Campaign

This is not just transitional housing, it is transformative housing. Utilizing a multi-generational approach, we will be able to end cycles of family violence and improve long-term outcomes for women and children in the Big Bend.

Please consider supporting the Dawn of Hope Family Center at Refuge House!

The demand for emergency safe shelter has risen exponentially in Leon County.
It's time for bold action.

The Solution: The Dawn of Hope Family Center

Our holistic vision centers around the transformation of one of our current properties consisting of 3,130 square feet into a sanctuary that not only addresses the physical needs of its occupants but also fosters resilience and empowerment.

The existing building will house shared common areas, quiet areas, a teen room, a kitchen, dining, child area, and bedrooms for single women.

2 bar buildings, each featuring 2,183 square feet, will be constructed to house family living spaces including family bedrooms and shared family living rooms and kitchens, similar to apartments, to provide each family privacy to heal.

Mindful landscaping and outdoor spaces featuring greenery, communal gardens, and purposefully designed recreational areas that work cohesively with the existing patios and views.

Approximately 35 new beds will be available.

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A Generous Donation from

Architects Lewis + Whitlock

“Our design is a commitment to creating more than physical structures; it is an investment in an environment that supports the transformative journey of healing and empowerment. By synergizing Trauma-Informed Design principles with innovative architectural solutions where both neurotypical and neurodivergent residents feel comfortable, we aim to contribute significantly to the well-being and resilience of the individuals and families Refuge House serves.”
Cam Whitlock
Founder & Partner, Architects Lewis + Whitlock

The Long-Term Impact: Multi-Generational Change

The services provided will reduce the cycle of violence by utilizing the two-generation approach, a groundbreaking model that promotes multi-generational change. By utilizing this model in combination with Trauma-Informed Design principles, we will be able to provide the following services to survivors in our community:

More than double the amount of emergency bed space immediately available to survivors fleeing abuse.

Reduce the likelihood of repeat violence for both mothers and their children, therefore breaking the cycle of violence.

Provide therapeutic support for adults and children experiencing symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Case management for adults, including employment-seeking assistance, money management courses, and assistance with housing applications.

Offer on-site supportive resources to parents with children who have Autism, ADHD, and other exceptionalities.

Healing circles for children with trauma-related sensory processing disorder.

Sensory calming areas in communal living areas.

On-site educational support for children enrolled in Leon County Schools.

Dawn of Hope Capital Campaign

Giving Societies

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Naming Opportunities

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Sample Payments

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Based on a 3-Year Pay Period and 50% Initial Payment
*** Payment plan is adjustable based on initial payment amount.
“When you have a space that looks better, it sends a very understandable message of, ‘people care.'”
– Davis Partnership Architects, Denver, Colorado