Intimate Violence Enhanced Services Team

The InVEST (Intimate Violence Enhanced Services Team) is a collaborative project between Refuge House and law enforcement, with the goal of reducing the number of intimate partner homicides in each participating county. The primary strategies implemented by the project are identifying domestic violence perpetrators at high risk of inflicting lethal harm, connecting with those victims with enhanced services, and intensified law enforcement follow-up with perpetrators.

On a daily basis, InVEST personnel review domestic violence police reports, evaluate cases for lethal indicators and proactively contact the victim to offer services. Working together, the Refuge House InVEST advocate and the survivor assess a survivor’s safety issues through a comprehensive risk assessment. Refuge House provides wrap-around services responsive to the survivor’s safety needs, and law enforcement implements intensive monitoring of the perpetrator.

Refuge House and the Leon County Sherriff’s Office (LCSO) are current InVEST partners. Beginning in 2018 Refuge House is excited to expand our partnership to include the Wakulla County Sherriff’s Office (WCSO).