Welcome to Refuge House

We hope you feel welcomed here. Your safety is our number one priority. You may feel that Refuge House is a place where other people might feel comfortable, but not you. It’s easy to feel that way, before you meet our staff and other people who are getting support from Refuge House. We want to put your mind at ease. Services are available in multiple languages.

I’m not sure that I’m really a victim.

If you are feeling confused, or scared or bad in your relationship because your partner puts you down or keeps you from going places, that’s a good time to call us—even if you aren’t sure what “counts” as domestic violence. Let us help you sort out your feelings, take a look at what has been happening and talk about options. Feeling less alone is a really good feeling.

I am a lesbian and my partner is hurting me.

We know that domestic violence happens in relationships between women; many lesbian survivors have received support from Refuge House. You may be concerned that you will “out” yourself and your partner by seeking support. You may fear retaliation for doing so. We are proud to stand with you in your journey and to be your advocate.

I am concerned that if I reach out for help, my community will be damaged, and both me and my abuser will be victimized by racism or homophobia.

You may be concerned that you will be rejected by family and community for identifying as a victim of abuse. And you may fear that your partner may be treated in a racist or homophobic way if you identify them as an abuser. We will help you connect with the positive people in your life who will be proud of you. And we will advocate with you for justice and equality.

I am an immigrant and I am undocumented.

Refuge House is a safe place for you and your children. We know that your legal status may be a concern for you, and that your partner may be using your status as a way to control you and isolate you. We can help you exercise your legal rights for protection and support.

I have a disability and I wonder if people will welcome me.

We are looking forward to your call. We know that abusers can take advantage of a person’s disability to hurt them or control their access to assistive equipment or services. We are 100% accessible.

I think I have a problem with alcohol or drugs.

Many victims are encouraged by abusers to use a lot of alcohol and drugs to make them feel more vulnerable and defenseless. You may be using alcohol and drugs as a way to try to cope with the violence in your life or to try to manage your emotions. We are here help you be safe and to support you as you identify your healing goals.

I am a gay man and I wonder if you offer services to someone like me.

Yes, with open arms. We know that domestic violence affects many gay survivors, and may include emotional, physical and sexual abuse. We are here as your ally and supporter.

I am in prostitution and I wonder if you will be willing to help me.

We know that prostitution hurts. We are honored to support your well-being in body, mind and spirit.

My abuser is well known in the community and I am afraid to disclose that he is beating me.

We have served many victims and their children who are being abused by well-known or professional partners. You will find your privacy closely protected here at Refuge House. At Refuge House, you have complete control over all information you share about yourself and your abuser.

I am a man and my abusive partner is a woman.

We are here for you. You may feel especially concerned because Refuge House is identified as an agency that serves so many female victims. Please call us—all of our programs, including emergency shelter services, are available and welcome to you and your children.

I am transgender. Will you provide services to me?

Yes, please call us. We know that you may be experiencing abuse from partners and family members who say you deserve it because you are transgender. Or you may feel that you owe your partner money or other resources, even though he/she is abusing you. We are here for you.

There is another way to live.

Hundreds of individuals who have suffered abuse have been part of Refuge House, creating the next chapter in their lives. They want you to know that they are cheering for you, and want you to feel well and happy – that it is possible for you, too. As one participant said to us as they were leaving shelter, “We can take our lives and our freedom back.” We are here for your life and for your freedom.

Our services are meant to support and empower survivors of all identities. Violence is about power and control, and restoring the survivors’ own power over their own lives and dreams is what is needed most. We serve victims of domestic violence, sexual violence, human trafficking and prostitution, and we are easy to reach just by calling our 24-hour crisis hotlines.

At Refuge House, we offer safety, welcome and resources for all victims of abuse and their children.

There is another way to feel and to live.

We are here for your life and your freedom.