Did You Know?
Domestic violence and sexual assault affect thousands of women, children and men in our community every year. Nationally…
of women have experienced physical violence, rape or stalking by an intimate partner
of women in the United States will be raped in her lifetime (nearly half have experienced some other form of sexual violence)
of men, too, have experienced either rape or some form of sexual violence
In 2018-2019,

Refuge House responded to…

domestic violence-related hotline calls
sexual assault calls
You Are Not Alone!

Our emergency shelters offered a safe refuge for 418 women, children and men, and our transitional housing program provided a long-term, supportive home for 33 women and children. Refuge House provided forensic exams and advocacy for 182 sexual assault survivors in the immediate aftermath of an attack. 1,215 survivors reached out for assistance in securing protective orders through our Leon County Courthouse office. And 1,020 survivors gained healing and hope in counselling and therapy.

With support and resources, we see victims rebuild their lives and their hopes every day. We welcome you to join us.