Do You Need a Safety Plan?

When you call Refuge House, the advocate on the phone will talk with you about your situation and how you would like us to support you.  Your safety is our highest priority.

As a first step, we might suggest that you put together a safety bag—a bag or purse with important papers and documents that you can grab and go if you need to leave your home or any location quickly.  Important papers you should take include:

Step 1
  • Your ID and ID for your children.  Your driver’s license.
  • Social security cards and birth certificates for you and your children.
  • Any immigration documents you may have.
  • Financial material: Your ATM card, checkbook, your charge cards, bank statements and charge account statements, insurance policies, proof of income for you and your partner (pay stubs or W-2’s), money if possible.
Step 2
  • Any documentation of past incidents of abuse (photos, police reports, medical records, etc.)
  • Your medical records, prescriptions, and medications.
  • Children’s school records and medical/shot records.
  • Any DCF records.
  • Photographs of your family and children.
Step 3

We can work on a detailed plan for your safety:

  • While you are in the relationship;
  • If you are getting ready to leave;
  • As you are leaving the relationship; and
  • After you have left the relationship.

At all times, you are in charge of your decisions and choices.  We are here to be your ally, to help you with options and support.  We believe in you.